James K. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Educational Background

North Texas State University, B.A.
Texas A & M University, M.S.
Texas A & M University, Ph.D
Professional Background

Ball State University, 1992 to present.
Extension Plant Pathologist (Specialist III), University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR., 1989-92
Research Scientist with U.S.A.E. Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS., 1987-89
Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Arkansas, 1985-87

General Research & Interest Areas

  1. Applied and Plant Microbiology
  2. Biological control using microbial pesticides
  3. Control and/or management of plant diseases
  4. Primary research endeavors focus on the development of biological herbicides (bioherbicides). This includes discovery, investigating biology and preparing commercial formulations of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria for the control of weeds. This lab also conducts studies on control and management (biological, cultural and chemical) of microbial diseases of small fruits (e.g. grapes). Other projects include management of microbial diseases of rare and endangered plant species and the biology of mycorrhizal fungi.

Courses Currently Teaching


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